Lunch Pot

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Lunch Pot

Two watertight pots complete with a convenient carry strap and spork, which makes them extremely versatile for food on the go. The pots are made from food grade polypropylene that has added sea shell powder, so they feel like ceramic bowls, but without the weight or fragility.

Two watertights pots

When empty, the small pot nests inside the larger pot, making it more compact for carrying or storing.

Easy carrying

The strap enables you to carry the pots either stacked or nested and it holds your spork for you too.

Spork included

We call it a spork because it is a spoon + fork in one. The spork is a a spoon-shaped eating utensil with short tines at the tip. It can be easily carried in the Lunch pot strap.

Hidden details

Inside the big pot you can find minimal volume measurements (ml and fl oz), which makes it easy to measure liquid ingredients. The thread inside the pots has been kept minimal, which makes it feel more like a ceramic bowl and is easier for cleaning.

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