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  • 3 Easy Steps To Refresh Your Home

    Our fabulous inhouse Interior Design Team specialise in using fabrics from our extensive range to create bespoke curtains, blinds and upholstered furniture.They also offer expert advice on selecting wallpapers and the perfect home accessories to give a total finish. Here's their guide to using small changes for maximum impact.

    Step 1.

    If you need a changebut don’t fancy the upheaval or expense or restyling your whole room just choose a bold wallpaper to cover the one wall that will have the most impact.


    Step 2.

    Tricks Of The Light

    Use Window Treatments To Create Light and Space. Full-height curtains to treat a small window, create the illusion of a larger window.

    Step 3. Same, Same,
    But Different.

    If you can’t choose between fabric & wallpaper patterns consider using the same for both.
    Sanderson, Designers Guild,Colefax & Fowler all
    offer matching designs.



    For Expert Advice from
    the Rossiters team contact them on
    or visit them in store.
    Home visit consultations are available
    by appointment.
  • Rossiters In The Spotlight - See Who's Been Blogging About Us

    Rossiters  is thrilled to have been featured in posts by a number of top shopping bloggers recently.

    Rossiters Inviting Broad Street Entrance Has Been Attracting The Bloggers Attention

    Our thanks to go especially to Fashion Fois Gras - - for these kind words!

    "I don't want to appear to play favorites in any part of this guide, but I just have to say that a shopping trip to Bath that doesn't include an hour or two in Rossiters is not a trip I will sanction! In all my years of shopping the globe, I do believe I've never felt more at home in a store. It definitely ranks in the top ten of department stores discovered globally and it's a hidden gem just sitting in Bath waiting to be discovered."

    For more go to :
    Also to:
    Thats Not My Age -

    and Wish Wish Wish -


  • Rossiters Kitchen Club


    We think a Spiralizer is the new, must-have kitchen gadget for the health conscious. So here's a yummy recipe idea:

    Courgette Fettuccine with Rosemary Butternut Cream Sauce

    1 medium butternut squash
    3 tablespoons coconut oil, divided
    1 medium yellow onion, chopped
    2 garlic cloves, minced
    2 teaspoons dried rosemary, crushed (to release flavor)
    1 cup full-fat canned coconut milk
    ½ cup vegetable or chicken broth
    ½ teaspoon sea salt
    1 pound shiitake mushrooms, sliced
    3 pounds courgette, spiralized into fettuccine
    Freshly-ground black pepper to taste


    Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
    Slice butternut squash in half lengthwise. Grease a baking sheet with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and then lay butternut squash (cut side down) on sheet pan.
    Roast for 30 - 45 minutes, until squash is tender and flesh can easily be pierced with a fork. Once cooked, allow squash to cool, then scoop out the flesh (this should yield about 5 cups of flesh) and discard the skin. Add the flesh to a blender.
    Meanwhile, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to a pan over medium heat. Add the onions and garlic and saute for 3 - 5 minutes, until onion is translucent and garlic is fragrant.
    Next, add the sauteed garlic & onions, rosemary, coconut milk, broth, and salt to a blender with the butternut squash flesh. Blend until smooth.
    Add the remaining tablespoon of coconut oil to a large pan. Add the mushrooms and saute for about 2 minutes, until they are just starting to brown. Then add the courgette fettuccine and cook for about 3 minutes, until courgette is almost tender. Add the sauce to the pan and continue to cook until sauce is hot. Garnish with freshly-ground black pepper and serve hot.spiralizer2

  • Spring Furniture Sale Now On!!

    There's lots of lovely discounts to be had in our fantastic Spring sale, which runs until April 30th 2016.

    With discounts of up to 25% it's well worth a visit to our Bath and Cardiff furniture departments. Also the more savvy among you will have realised by now that if you are signed up to our newsletter it means that you often get extra discounts.

    This month we are offering newletter subscribers an extra £50 off for sale purchases over £1000 - that's on top of the sale discount! So it might be an idea to sign up now in time for the next sale.Lovely Berkeley Sofa kingsburyj16provencej16rossettij16

  • Dill's Summer

    Dill here! Since I have had such a wonderful summer I thought I would share my adventures with you. There’s nothing better than getting your paws dirty and that is exactly what I have been doing!


    A couple of weeks back A-M and Peter had a party. Being the helpful pup that I am, I was on constant call to give a helping hand. As my little paws couldn’t handle too much heavy lifting (I am only 6 months old) we decided to get the help of the lovely girls from SoInvited. The next few days were pretty hectic. They did a great job of turning my garden in to a mini festival, with fairy lights, pouffes, lanterns…

    Untitled-4 All available from Rossiters Bath & online

    Unfortunately when the guests arrived I had to make myself scarce which I found utterly disappointing, I was all up for shaking my tail on the dance floor!  Thank God I got to go for a sleepover with my mate Bob, a springer spaniel with a love for life. Being the nice scamp that I am I thought it would be a good idea to bring Bobby a little present to keep him as pawfect as me.

    IMG_8735Blossom-Co-Collar-Pink-Floral Arthur-Colar-M Florence-Lead-M


    Luckily just before being packed off, I noticed the folks from Thyme Chef Company had left some rather delicious pulled pork. Perfect to take to my hosts as a midnight snack, although it may or may not have made it all the way to Bob’s house…Also left out were some mint mojito cupcakes apparently I was too young for those though, pffffttt!


    Bone Appetite!


    It’s pretty hard to keep pup with all the fun I’ve been having. After all the excitement from the party A-M & Peter thought it would be a good idea to take me on a well-deserved break. Starting off in Llangranog beach, West Wales, the sun was out but with a definite chill in the air even my gorgeous fluffy coat couldn't keep me entirely warm. Luckily we made sure we had stocked up on Rossiters goodies...

    llangrannog-from-sea llangrannog Beach


    Folklore_Group3_HI Folklore Enamelware


     We even managed to have a little picnic on the beach with this cute enamelware. Perfect for a nice cuppa and wolfed down left over pulled pork. All kept neatly inside this wonderful cool bag

    Anorak Kissing Stags Cool Bag  £36.00 Anorak Kissing Stags Cool Bag £36.00


    Next stop, Cornwall!

    Here I swam, dug, ate and just generally made a nuisance of myself much to A-M & Peter's despair. Ah well, least I had fun.

    Digging for gold Digging for gold on Talland bay beach, Cornwall.

    dill rock climing Braving the rocks at Talland Bay

    photo The best hot water bottle you will ever try

    After all the running around I was feeling a little weak and was in desperate need of a cuppa and possibly a piece of cake. Luckily, right next to Talland Bay beach is the sweetest little cafe where we striped spotted some Cornishware china, available from Rossiters.



    Cornishware Cornishware

    poppy t Spotted some of our mate, Poppy Treffry's work!

    Now, all geared up on tea and cake we set off for a stroll around Talland Bay Hotel.  It's a pretty amazing place (they call themselves the most pet friendly hotel in Cornwall, how could I miss out on a look?!) so wagged off the sand and put on my best Blossom & co collar and lead, making sure I was on my best behavior. Sort of.

    The hotel is between Looe and Polperro, situated close to the coastal path and only five minutes away from gorgeous uncrowded beaches and beautiful harbourside villages. The garden is where I truly had my fun and met some interesting characters.


    You could spend ages just pottering around the grounds and you still keep finding new things. I would fully recommend visiting here, especially if you want to take your pooch along for the ride.

    As you can see, I've had an excellent Summer but I promise you my adventures are not over yet! Keep an eye out for more of my fun and frolics up on the blog soon.

    Now, where did I leave that ball?


  • Louise Wilkinson

    Growing up in a small village in the Yorkshire countryside, Louise Wilkinson took inspiration from the nature surrounding her.  She went on to study Illustration and started a career as a print and textiles designer in the fashion industry in London. With this inspiration and experience she has gone on to create beautiful bone china adorned by playful, intricate artwork.


    You can see this harmonious quality translates freely on all her pieces.  Her design approach is based on the belief in objects being timeless, beautiful and functional.  Louise’s emphasis is to use the UK suppliers wherever possible and to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship.


    Based in South East London, Louise is currently working and developing her ceramic and textile collections.  We can’t wait to see what gorgeous things she comes out with next!

    Louise-Wilkinson-Trees-tray-lifetsyleBased in South East London, Louise is currently working and developing her ceramic and textile collections.  We can’t wait to see what gorgeous things she comes out with next!

    Available in our Bath store & online here

  • Winser London Launch Party

    Last night we played hosts for the launch of fashion brand Winser London at Rossiters new emporium in our bath store. Kim Winser, founder of Winser London, awarded an OBE for her services to fashion in the UK in 2006, was in attendance to greet and tell our customers all about her collection. Although only just celebrating its first year, Winser London has been a big hit with fashion editors and customers alike. Our model Rebecca demonstrated the elegance and versatility of the range with its beautiful cotton and cashmere knits, sumptuous silks and jersey pieces. The cut and quality of the fabrics is exceptional with dresses, skirts and trousers in Kim's trademark Miracle fabrics which are designed with real women in mind and luxurious shirts and tops that feel fabulous to wear.

    photo 5 (2) Kim Winser of Winser London & Ann-Marie James of Rossiters of Bath both wearing Winser London

    Guests were treated to champagne and canapés as they were welcomed by Rossiters directors Ann-Marie and Peter James.

    Ann-Marie Wearing Winser London Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper & Miracle Pencil Skirt in Winser Blue Ann-Marie Wearing Winser London Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper & Miracle Pencil Skirt in Winser Blue

     Our gorgeous model, Rebecca, elegantly showed off Winser London's finest pieces with different outfit changes throughout the evening.

    Untitled-3 Model wears The Pia Silk Maxi Shirt Dress & Cotton Stripe Jumper with Side Zip Capri Trouser in White

    Untitled-4 Model wears Flared Jersey Dress in Black & Miracle Dress in Winser Blue



     It was lovely to see such a variety of people, some we recognised, some we didn't. It really is a great time for us to thank our customers for their loyalty.


    DSCN2524 Kim Winser taking some of our guests through the range

    DSCN2494 The Pia Silk Maxi Shirt Dress

    DSCN2467 DSCN2489    DSCN2527


    Thank you so much to everybody that joined us . It was lovely to see you all and we hope that you enjoyed the evening as much as we did. If you weren't there come and see Winser London in our Bath store.

  • Betty & Walter


    Back with a vengeance, Lisa Levis (formerly Lisa Stickley) has a new range, Betty & Walter. First spying this delicious range at Top Draw in September, we knew we couldn't be without!  Gorgeous 50s inspired wash bags, purses and ipad cases with names to make your mouth water and blow away those wet weather blues. We managed to catch up with Lisa and see what she's been getting up to...

    anders-101020_4640_ls bw

    How did you come up with the idea for Betty & Walter?

    Designing is in my DNA, it’s what I do. So having sadly left Lisa Stickley London but wanting to continue doing what I love, I started again. Betty and Walter were my aunty and uncle and I have very fond memories of them. Uncle Walt with his chestnut coloured trousers and braces, and aunty Betty with her floral apron and marble cake. They always had a Red Setter bounding about all over the place! As they were in their heyday in the 1950’s I thought this was a great link to an era I am particularly fond of, and a perfect starting point for me to embrace and reinvent myself.

     Llemon-whip-flowerbedLemon whip small purse in Flowerbed Puddle £14.00

    Where do you find yourself getting most inspiration from?

     Inspiration can come from anywhere, and my mind is relentlessly whirring picking up information from all over the place, but often not realizing or developing ideas for a long time. I collect constantly and my camera is always to hand, with photography being a great way to record thoughts and things. Along with boxes, shelves and sketchbooks full of inspirational bits and pieces, it’s from these collections and archives that my initial thoughts begin. I still find new inspiration from sketchbooks and collections I have kept hold of for many years, but see differently each time I revisit them.

     Plum-posset-pencil-case-fb-puddle-MPlum Posset Flat Purse in Flowerbed Puddle £9.00

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

     Most of the time it doesn’t really feel like a job as such. I’m very lucky to be doing exactly what I love which is creating… this comes in many forms in my general day to day, from building new collections to working on how the next trade show stand will be built, or as I have been doing for the last two days, shooting the next season on our spring summer photo shoot.

    Cream-Cherry-Criss-Cross-MCream cherry washbag in Criss Cross £20.00

    What advice would you give an aspiring designer?

     Be true to yourself, work hard, be inspired, innovative and don’t give up. It can be a rocky road so you need a good dose of persistence and dedication. Most of all, enjoy what you do!

    What has been your proudest moment?

    Against all the odds, getting ‘back on the bike’ and starting again.


    Damson jam washbag in SGT. Pepper £22.00

    What exciting new things do you have planned for 2014?

     Well… in 6 weeks time my husband and I are expecting our first baby, and that’s pretty exciting, a whole new chapter! Typically, I have a baby bag launching soon!

    Work wise we are very excited about Betty & Walter spring collection, and have some great collaborations in the pipeline. I’m also working on a stationery range for summer and lots of new prints for autumn too! It’s busy!

    How are your gorgeous designs created?

    I start of putting together concept boards for new prints for the season with new colour palettes too. Print is really important to me, and its something I am very much personally in control of. All the prints start from scratch and I tend to hide away quietly whilst working on this stage. They start off as pen and ink drawings, mono prints on paper, or more recently I have been working a lot with paper cutting and ‘drawing with scissors’ which really brings a new aesthetic to the range. I then transfer the raw drawings to the computer and start to work on colourways and repeats for each print. I can sometimes produce up to 50 different variations on a single print before deciding which works best and which one I am ready to show to the world!

    Concept boards for new lines are then worked up once I have thought about what is missing from the collection. Prints are then added to the various product accordingly, some lend themselves more to certain products than others, and some items sometimes only need a little bit of print hidden on an inside pocket. A great deal of work goes into how the print works on each individual piece. The functionality of each product is very important to me too and great consideration is taken to make sure things pleasing to use, or to add a quirky twist here and there.

    And finally what would be number one on your Rossiters wish list?

     The 50s Polished Aluminum Clock, or anything from Merchant & Mills, love love love them and they have all the tools for the job!


    All available from Rossiters of Bath & Online

  • Instagram



     Now, we may have been a little slow on the up take for Instagram but nevertheless we are here now! Be sure to follow Rossitersofbath on this wonderfully addictive social media for sneaky snippets and beautiful images through the eyes of Rossiters.






  • Victoria Eggs

    New in Kitchen linens and china from award winning designer Victoria Eggs.
    Featured in leading lifestyle and fashion magazines like The Sunday Times, Telegraph, Glamour, Homes and Gardens, to name just a few. As well as winning "Gift of the Year 2012" and coming runner up in the "Celebrating Britain Category." Victoria is a Fine Art Graduate from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, who specialised in film and photography. This talent lead her into formulating her own playful designs which are based on her own photographs, inspired from the great British isles. Her work is British made, which we think is highly admirable. Not only does this meant she is supporting British jobs but also her local economy, providing a variety of employment in rural and urban areas.
    She makes sure to use only the best quality British textiles, from 100% premium, unbleached cotton used for her linens to fine bone china mugs which are hand painted and decorated in one of the very few remaining Traditional English factories of its kind.
    "Not only is the typography print very on trend but the price is good too." Says Sarah from our Gifts department.
    "I love the colours and they make gifts for men!" Caroline, our ground floor Manager.
    I think we have all come to an agreement here at Rossiters, our favourite design is the Cockney rhyming slang cushions! They have two different designs, front and back which makes them reversible, so it's like having two cushions for the price of one! We're not even telling pork pies! They look great in any home and are filled with extra quality duck feathers adding extra comfort so at the end of a hard day you just need to sit back with a rosy lee and enjoy.

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